To Be a Better Communicator – Talk Less, Listen More

Image Credit: Louis Hansel

Communication skills are invaluable at work and in personal relationships. These skills enable you to get your point across to your audience. Healthy communication generates positive reactions as well as mitigate and prevent problems. Being a great communicator helps you understand others better and allows them to understand you.

The first step to becoming a better communicator is to listen to learn instead of being quick to respond. Being calm, considered, and curious enables leaders to strengthen their influence, encourage more proactive problem-solving and be a positive influence over their teams.

Having a positive and professional image also helps you build your career. It’s an attribute that is become increasingly important in today’s highly collaborative workplaces.

Lack of effective communication skills undermines the confidence of your team. Working in an environment where employers fail to maintain transparent and continuous communication creates a barrier between the individuals and teams.

At its extreme, this lessens confidence in the company. Employees begin to feel disconnected and irrelevant and negative feelings impede on productivity as the team feel undervalued. Ultimately, it leads to low morale and whittles away at cohesion.

These are just a few reasons to develop your communication skills. It’s a lifelong process and it’s critical at work, at home and in personal relationships as well. After all, how you feel about your personal life impacts how you show up at work.

Great communication improves how leaders and employees collaborate and lead to better problem-solving strategies.