How To Sound Confident – Even When You’re Not


It isn’t always easy to always sound confident when you are speaking with someone, especially when you’re meeting someone for the first time or speaking with someone who has more authority than you (e.g. your boss.)

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

In fact, it can be a real challenge to sound like you have everything together and to turn the charm on. What if we told you that there are ways for you to sound confident, even when you are not really feeling that way? We have some tips you could try out now!

Speak Less, Listen More

A misconception is that we need to chime in on everything that others are saying. Confidence comes from having a chance to reflect on what others have said before giving your input. Sit back and listen more often. Listen to what others are saying and take time to digest the information. Appear confident by giving your opinion delivered in a well-thought out manner.

Remove Negative Self Talk

We’re often our worst critics. There’s that inner voice that’s always reminding us about our shortcomings – and that’s often the most difficult voice we have to deal with. That negative voice can make it tough for an individual to appear confident in a group. Instead, the inner voice could be causing a physical reaction that others can actually see.

One of the best ways to remove negative self talk is to shut it out all together or replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. Doing will actually transform our physical appearance, making us look more confident. How do you do that? Think of three things that make you feel proud of yourself.

Make Eye Contact With Others

One of the best tips to boost your confidence stance involves one of the smallest parts of the body. There are several ways you can improve your body language, but making eye contact when speaking to others can have the largest impact. Don’t look away when speaking or listening. Instead, make it a point to keep eye contact throughout a conversation. It creates the appearance of confidence and can ensure that the other person knows that he or she is being paid attention to.

These quick and effective tips can transform your confidence as well as the way people perceive you. Confidence is key to achieving your career goals and make a real change in how you are viewed by other people.