How to connect better with people around you

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

There are as many types of interactions as there are people, which makes for a very diverse and sometimes volatile world. Learning how to deal with and respond to different people is a skill that provides endless results both within business and social situations. Here are some ways you can improve your sense of judgement in social situations and communicate more authentically.

  • Trust yourself: First things first, in order for anyone at all to seem compelling, the person has to not just have valid perspectives, but communicate these effectively. Believe in yourself and your experiences.
  • Surround yourself with people who demonstrate good judgement: The learning curve for addressing social situations thrives on real life experience. As you assimilate within a group of people with high Emotional Quotient (EQ), you tend to become confident yourself.
  • Consider opposing viewpoints: In order to build a compelling case, individuals should thoroughly think through the opposing point of view in an objective manner. Know that others may have valid considerations, and that by taking the essences of both ends, you gain a balanced, well-rounded perspective to better assess social situations.
  • Look for recurring patterns that cause disappointment and avoid them: Work to better understand our communication patterns and how they affect others. An established pattern usually ends in the same, or similar, results. Learning how to change or grow out of the pattern modifies the results, which can lead to better interactions with others. For example, if someone is a people-pleaser, doing what they can to ensure that everyone is happy, yet rarely feeling happiness themselves, this can be a damaging pattern.

Knowing how to converse, react and respond to others are essential life skills. We all know people who are wonderful at connecting and communicating, but most of us could have room to grow. Having the option to work on improving our social interactions is a good investment – in ourselves.