Join Us!

We want to thank you upfront for your interest in joining us as a facilitator. It means a LOT to us!

You’ll be helping us get closer to our bold, audacious, goal of making a positive impact on 10,000 people. But that’s not the most important part.

The more important part is this: when you share this movement, you help help make the world a better place – slightly more conscious, slightly friendlier, slightly happier.

Join as a Facilitator​

The first requirement is for you to participate in our workshop so as to have a first hand experience. 

We’ve made it easy for anyone who’s participated in our workshop to facilitate them to be a representative of our . We’ll provide you with trainings as a facilitators and a guide to get started on our e-learning platform. We’ve made it simple so that once trained, you can run a workshop for your friends/families and you can all collectively benefit from it.

We ask that facilitators impact at least 20 unique individuals within a period of 1 year. Each session should have a minimum of 4 participants. 

If you’d want to run this workshop with your friends after you’ve been trained, please go ahead! We’d be happy to let you run them 🙂

Should you have any queries, drop us an email at

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