Imagine being able to open up and converse in an authentic way with anyone you meet – even with people you find difficult. What if you could say what you needed to say in an interesting and open way? What if you could get people to have deeper conversations with you? How would your situation at home, at work, with your clients, or with your friends change?

We invite you to join us at our workshops to realise this change for yourself.

Have more meaningful conversations

that resonate well with your family members

Become a more effective communicator

Bring colleagues and teams along, and moving the needle at work

Create new and meaningful friendships

Strengthen existing ones and forge deeper bonds in your communities

Oi Movement Pilot Workshop

About the Oi Movement

“Oi” is a common term used for casual greeting across many countries and cultures. It can be friendly or angry depending on the tone, much like how the outcome of our communication depends on our intention and skill.

OI stands for OPEN and INTERESTING – the basis of what makes for great, connected, conversations. In this movement, we aim to reach 10,000 people, opening them up to connecting better, relating better, and generally building better social skills. The more open we are, the more interesting we become to ourselves and others and the better we can connect.

How does the Oi Movement Work?

The Oi Movement comprises a series of interactive, highly participative workshops aimed at helping participants communicate, relate, and connect better in an increasingly divided and fragmented world. This is because understanding how we approach social situations and conversations helps us tune and strengthen our approach. Participants will be able to use their new tools immediately to:

  • 💬 Make conversation flow easily at a party or a work lunch

  • 💬 Make conversations more interesting and to draw people to them

  • 💬  Avoid those awkward pauses in conversations

  • 💬  Have better work conversations and drive closer relationships which leads to better team cohesion and results

Throughout the workshop, participants will go in and out of breakout rooms to have small group conversations. There will be discussions and debriefs in between in which principles, methods and tools are discussed. 

How are the workshops conducted?

These workshops will primarily be conducted online via Zoom. Having the workshops online will help us reach more people worldwide. 

Who will conduct these workshops?

The workshops will be led by trained coaches and facilitators. We intend for anyone to be able to lead these workshops (after training). We welcome you to join us, lead these workshops, and bring the skills back to your own family, workplace, or be part of impacting more people. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, see more details here

If not, sign up as a participant for our 1st series of the workshop via the form below. 

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